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2750 Alton Pkwy # 101, Irvine, CA 92606, USA
phone: +1 949-251-0070



French Macarons & Organic Ice Cream

Business info

Delivery: No

Take-out: Yes

Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

Accepts Apple Pay: No

Accepts Android Pay: No

Parking: Private Lot

Bike Parking: Yes

Caters: No

Last reviews

Author: Yogi Han

Wow. The genius behind this brilliantly delicious sweets stop made all my dreams come true! I found a combination of my two loves, ice cream and macarons! They bring cookies and cream to a new level. My husband also found his shaved ice. This is a diet breaking paradise. I'm hooked.

Author: Tiffany Cheung

I went to Bon Epi a few years back after a friend raved about the pastries there and how it was better than 85. I didn't think so, and I stopped coming. However, after graduating and finding 85 to be overrated, I came back to try their delectable macarons that I have seen in many people's photos. Wow, I was so surprised by the amount of bread, baked goods, and different menu items than before. There was even shaved ice! However, my eyes narrowed in on the macarons. Rainbows of colors delighted my eyes as I took in all of the macarons and all of the different flavors. I was impressed. Almost as impressed as when I went into Bottega.

There are boxes upon boxes on top of the refrigerated section of the baked goods. The boxes state that 10 macarons are $20 and 15 macarons are $30. However, each macaron is only $1.95, so you have to pay extra for a sturdy box. My dad bought a custard bread, while I went about ordering my ten macarons. I thought it would be like Bottega where you indicate the macaron you want and they put it in the box for you. I believe they do that at Lette, too. However, I had to tell her the different flavors I wanted, which was really difficult as I didn't know. I was planning on listing it off as I went. So I had to run back and forth and decide on my flavors while the worker entered it in on the cash register. She later asked me if I wanted it in a box, whereupon I was charged an extra $0.50. They take credit cards here (even Discover), so signed and was on my way. Noticed they didn't give me a receipt after, so make sure to get a receipt!

I had to wait awhile for somebody to put the macarons all together. They even have different box colors. (I am seriously a macaron fanatic!) I ended up getting salted caramel, hazelnut, raspberry chocolate (I think), macadamia, blue velvet, rose, peach, green tea, passion fruit, and lemon. Now that I think back, I wish I had gotten hazelnut instead of the raspberry or whatever the purple one was, but oh well.

Overall, the macarons were really good. I liked them better than Lette, but I think Bottega is still my favorite. I did think they seemed a little smaller, but I am not sure if I was just overthinking it. They are very chewy if you eat them immediately after they come out of the fridge, so I would recommend letting them sit in room temperature for awhile before consuming the french pastries. I thought there was enough filling, and that the outsides were crumbly enough. It could have been even more soft, but I didn't think they were too dry or anything. Maybe a little too chewy for my taste.

My favorites were the salted caramel, blue velvet (tasted like blueberries!), rose, peach, passion fruit, and the lemon. They all tasted really delicious and worth the $2. The other flavors weren't too great. Hazelnut tasted like chocolate. The green tea was good, but I'm not a big fan of green tea. The others were eh. Some had really pretty designs on the outside. I wanted to try the orange blossom, but thought the outside two peanuts or whatever to be a little weird. I have to say that the passion fruit was one of my favorites because I loved the color of the shell (a mint Tiffany green) and it tasted really delicious.

They have strawberry croissants (like Cream Pan!) and even burritos! Their cakes look fabulous. Overall, a good macaron experience. I definitely will be back to try more if I am ever in the area. Probably on par with Lette for me, but not as good as Bottega. Custard bread was good, too according to my dad.

Author: julie tashiro

The family and I had a late night sweet tooth we tried the Black Forrest cake, sweet tart, strawberry shortcake and chocolate cake. All of the cakes were light and airy, not rich at all! Great service!!

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